• Step 2: Pick your colour

    We have a great collection of colours available.
    Which colour suits your needs?

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  • Step 3: Pick your gradient

    With multicolour or rainbow material you can pick how intense the gradient is

  • Step 4: Pick starting colour

    Which colour would you like your dragon to start with?

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Custom order - Dice tower medium

Custom order - Dice tower medium

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The medium variant of the dice tower.

This dice tower does not have perches to pose a dragon on.

--- Custom order ---

Keep in mind this is a custom order and may have a longer delivery time. We strive to ship custom orders within two to three working days.

Because of the nature of 3D printing technology, the exact gradient as shown in the photo may differ from the end result. We try to make the given starting colour come out to its fullest.

In case of a rainbow or multi-colour filament:

  • Give the desired gradient (2 colours, 3 colours, 5 colours)
  • Give the desired starting colour
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